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About Us

To all our Friends, Travellers, Explorers and Dreamers.. 🧡

Hello, I am Federico - Founder of @TravelTogetherIn

🔹 I founded my Brand while I was sailing around Croatia, during the summer of 2017.

🔹 Yes, I was on a boat when I came up with this idea, because my main job is "Deck Officer" on boats and private yachts.

I've been travelling since I was very young.

I've seen different places, especially my beloved Italy.

🔹 So, I had the idea of sharing my passion for trips and journeys, enriched with motivational growth and love for ourselves.

@TravelTogetherIn has a mission, it wants to Help Travellers with a limited budget Explore the World

@TravelTogetherInStore wants to Help Travellers find the right equipment, travel gadgets useful for their upcoming trips or for passionate travellers only.

@TravelTogetherInStore is looking for Brand Ambassadors, write to us !

Federico - Founder & CEO

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